Outdoor Space

Another garage update.

A lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going on to create the perfect summer space in our garage. While we hinted at some of this in our recent posts about the workshop and ever-important dart board, here’s a bit of an update on what else has been going on. First, a reminder of what we’re working with:


Workshop Update

The last time you saw the workshop, it was a bit too tidy, and not yet stocked with all the tools and materials we had laying around. So here’s an update on that.

Who knew all this stuff laying around the garage could fit into one room.


Next up was repainting the walls in the main part of the garage. There were a bit too many nail holes in the walls for Dan’s liking, and by the time he was done patching, we had walls filled with blotchy polka-dots. Dan’s uncle stepped in again to help prime the walls with his sprayer, which meant that it took a half hour rather than a half day. We took the next few days to roll our favorite color on the wall, a light gray by Sherwin Williams – Silverplate.

We used this color in our bedroom, and Dan likes it so much that he decided we’re going to repaint the walls in our living and dining room with it this summer. (Yes. Already. Ugh)

And don’t forget about our feature chalkboard wall behind the bar.


Garage Floor

This became a bit more of a project than we anticipated. Since we bought the house, the blue paint on the floor of the garage has been slowly chipping away. So we thought it’d be an easy fix to just power wash the rest of the paint off. Nope. When the power washer proved to be unsuccessful, we ended up renting a concrete grinder of sorts to scrape up the rest of the paint. Worked like a charm.

We then re-coated the floor using a concrete epoxy stain, which looks pretty cool and will help to seal out water.



Dan also tried his hand at some electrical work, and did a great job adding pot lights to the space.


Bar update

And where was our coveted bar throughout all of this? Well… it was maneuvering around our garage on a flat, 4-wheel cart, since we had to get it out of the way to refinish the floor. How Dan and I got it on the cart by ourselves is still a mystery. As is the fact that its still balancing…

By now you’re probably thinking that we’re taking this a bit too far… “it’s just a garage you know.” And normally, you might be right. But nothing about what we do is normal. And if you stop over to hang out even just once in the summer time, you’ll understand.

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