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Restoring an Old Trunk: Take Two

The very first project we ever took on was an old trunk that we stumbled upon at my uncle’s house. Looking back, it was somewhat of a turning point for us. Prior to this, we had wandered through antique shops and admired old charm from afar. This was the point in time when we stopped… Continue reading Restoring an Old Trunk: Take Two

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Refinishing Window Pane Doors

I’ve written on and on about the .2 seconds it took me to walk in the house and fall in love. And how a big part of that was the original stairs, banister, woodwork and fireplace that it took just one glance to see. But another big part of it was the original window pane… Continue reading Refinishing Window Pane Doors


A new face for an old Singer table

The art of sewing runs in my family, but may or may not have stopped at me. I don’t remember a day that my Nana hasn’t been creative. Always building and making something out of nothing. And my mom, well, she sewed her own bridesmaid dresses. Pretty impressive, to say the least. While I have… Continue reading A new face for an old Singer table


The sound of music (and the taste of wine)

It was a sunny August day last summer, on our way home from a week in rainy-Allegany when Dan and I decided to stop at one of many antique shops along the side of the road. It was there that we stumbled upon our next project, an old Victrola phonograph cabinet. Of course, we couldn’t… Continue reading The sound of music (and the taste of wine)


Checker Table War

What’s better than a good old fashioned game of checkers? How about a checkerboard table competition, brought to you by yours truly. On one of our random Saturday trips, we came across a checkerboard end table selling for $200. It looked awesome, but we knew we could make something similar for next to nothing. We… Continue reading Checker Table War