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Butcher Block Polish Falcon Clock

Its Dyngus Day! And there’s nothing more fitting than a hand-carved Polish falcon clock! With piles and piles of scrap wood hanging out in the workshop (and all over the garage), it’s always a mystery with what project Dan will come up with next. This one stays true to our heritage, as Dan turned scrap… Continue reading Butcher Block Polish Falcon Clock

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Bringing an old bench back to life

One of my favorite things about our backyard is the tree that canopies over the patio, casting shade over an area that’s otherwise filled with sun on a summer afternoon. The only thing missing was a place to sit. Which brings me to our next project. Since we bought the house, I’ve had my eye… Continue reading Bringing an old bench back to life

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DIY Picnic Benches

Ever since Dan discovered the Shou-sugi-ban technique used by the Japanese to age wood, he just can’t get enough of it. From the wooden beam light above the bar, to the recently built barn door, it’s become one of his staples for his carpentry projects. And this time around was no different. Dan was building… Continue reading DIY Picnic Benches

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DIY Sliding Barn Door

Now that Dan has discovered how to distress wood by burning it to a torch (aka. became a pyro), it would be fitting that he continue the tradition into the next project. Just can’t get enough. Back when we had the garage door installed, Dan took a saw-zaw and cut a hole in the wall… Continue reading DIY Sliding Barn Door

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The garden that keeps on giving

One project that I had been bugging Dan all through winter about was having my very own vegetable garden. I grew up “helping” my Dad in the backyard with ours, so it only made sense that I have a garden at my own house. (And by helping, I mean that I constantly complained about watering, but… Continue reading The garden that keeps on giving