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Dressing up the linen closet

Now that we’re settling in, I’m excited to start working on projects that will add a bit more of our personalities to the house.

While we painted the walls in the entire house, we left the closets boring old white. That was fine for the bedrooms, as they’ll be covered in clothes anyway. But we have a linen closet in the 2nd floor hallway that I wanted to add a bit more life to. And so, I convinced Dan to let me add a bit of wallpaper to the back wall.


The hardest part of this was picking out the wallpaper itself. I had an idea in mind, as there’s a pattern that I’m constantly attracted to and has found itself popping up around our house (think pillows, rugs, etc.). Apparently this pattern has a name – damask. Something else I wanted to weave into the closet was a pale green color. Dan’s not a huge fan of green, so its non-existent throughout the house. I decided to take advantage of the situation by getting exactly what I wanted when he wasn’t around to make the decision =)

And so my mom and I went to a specialty store that is covered in wallpaper from floor to ceiling, literally. Too many options. Luckily I had an idea of what I wanted, otherwise I probably would have spent hours getting lost in there.

Because my mom has experience in wallpapering, she came over to help put it up. And by help, I mean she pretty much did the whole thing.


One hour later, and we were looking pretty.

Just a little something to add life to an otherwise boring closet. And a big thanks to my mom for showing off her expertise!


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