A new face for an old bike

Another day. Another Craigslist find. This time, it was a vintage bicycle that I initially bought for Dan, before becoming educated on the difference between a man and woman’s bike (I know, I have a lot to learn). Nevertheless, I got the bike for him mostly because I secretly liked it anyway, so it all… Continue reading A new face for an old bike


DIY Corn Hole and Washers

While we always have a larger renovation or project going on in the house, Dan likes to have his “fun projects” to work on on the side. This gives him a little getaway from the heavy-lifting work, and always brings out his creative side. This time around, the fun projects were making lawn games for… Continue reading DIY Corn Hole and Washers

DIY Fun · Outdoor Space

Hitting the target

Getting the garage ready for summer means all sorts of fun projects are in the works. Which leads me to our most recent project. Installing our dart board. Which was much more extravagant than just drilling holes into the wall and mounting it. Oh no. Dan essentially built a frame for it to be housed in,… Continue reading Hitting the target


Giant Jengaaaaaa

Last summer, Dan and I went with a bunch of my work-friends to a new bar/brewery, Resurgence. Their concept is vastly different from others, in that its located in an old warehouse, they use picnic rather than pub tables, and there’s not a single television to be seen. Their thought is to throw trivia cards… Continue reading Giant Jengaaaaaa


Coasters for Christmas

Last year for Christmas, I used tons of family photos (thank you social media) to put together a calendar that included everyone in my extended family. Because we’re a pretty big (fun and rowdy) clan,  I was able to use a different family for each month and included everyone’s birthdays. It was a hit! When… Continue reading Coasters for Christmas