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Keeping family traditions alive

The beginning of my childhood and the first memories I have revolved around the family business, Kapanek’s Pizzeria. My grandpa ran one on Bailey Ave in Buffalo, while my parents ran the other on Seneca St in West Seneca. We lived next door for a few years, and my siblings and I spent our summers… Continue reading Keeping family traditions alive

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One year down, a lifetime to go

Today marks one year of homeownership. One year of adventures, one year of mishaps, and one year of driving our neighbors, our families, and of course, each other, crazy. I took some time the other day to revisit a few of our original blog posts. They were a good reminder of where we started and… Continue reading One year down, a lifetime to go

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A moment in time

Today’s the day. Every single day over the last six months has led up to this moment. And later, our families will share our first meal together in this old house, and we’ll begin the next chapter of our crazy, beautiful life. To capture this moment, and all of the moments that led up to it, Dan… Continue reading A moment in time

Our story

Falling in love with home

You know when you have one of those a-ha moments? When something clicks and it just all makes sense? For me, those moments of clarity are few and far between. I’m usually the one who wavers back and forth and can’t make a decision to save my life. Whether something small, like searching for the… Continue reading Falling in love with home