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Hitting the target

Getting the garage ready for summer means all sorts of fun projects are in the works.

Which leads me to our most recent project. Installing our dart board. Which was much more extravagant than just drilling holes into the wall and mounting it. Oh no. Dan essentially built a frame for it to be housed in, which serves multiple purposes. One, it looks cool, and the colors not-so-subtly tie into our Polish heritage. And two, it prevents dummies like me from putting holes in the wall when I gracefully miss the dartboard.
We started with a piece of plywood for the basis of what I’ll call our dartboard frame.

Dan then cut and built the frame itself, which would act as a border around the plywood piece. Mr. Carpenter back in action.

Time to add some life to this framework. We started by wrapping the plywood base in red fabric. Just a few staples and it was all set.
Dan then painted the framework black before securing it to the now-red plywood (see where the Polish is tying in yet?)20160415_201925
And here’s our dartboard frame.


We installed this in the garage, using L brackets to hold it in place. We then hung the dartboard itself, and put a hole in the back of the frame to plug it in on the other side of the wall.
And just like that, our dartboard was installed.


One awesome detail that Dan added was a bottom shelf with small holes to hold six sets of individual darts. A pretty cool feature if you ask me.

We played an inaugural game of Cricket, just the two of us, and of course, Dan kicked my butt. But I have to say, I kept it competitive, and I didn’t hit the wall. So I’ll just call that one a win.

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