A new face for an old Singer table

The art of sewing runs in my family, but may or may not have stopped at me. I don’t remember a day that my Nana hasn’t been creative. Always building and making something out of nothing. And my mom, well, she sewed her own bridesmaid dresses. Pretty impressive, to say the least. While I have… Continue reading A new face for an old Singer table

DIY Decor

Dressing up the linen closet

Now that we’re settling in, I’m excited to start working on projects that will add a bit more of our personalities to the house. While we painted the walls in the entire house, we left the closets boring old white. That was fine for the bedrooms, as they’ll be covered in clothes anyway. But we… Continue reading Dressing up the linen closet

Room Renovations

Bathroom Reno: Part II

I mentioned that when we first looked at the house, it was love at first sight. What I didn’t mention was the reason why so many people thought we were crazy for buying it. And that’s because despite appearances, none of the plumbing seemed to work. A low-risk investment, right? Ha, well, apparently nothing was… Continue reading Bathroom Reno: Part II

Our First Month

Another day, another adventure

Another day, another adventure, on this crazy ride home. Its the journey, right? Because you’re never really done, and I’d never want to be. Piece by piece, step by stepĀ  A few weeks back, we knocked out the closets in the master bedroom in anticipation of reframing and rebuilding one in each corner. Three for… Continue reading Another day, another adventure