Our story

One year down, a lifetime to go

Today marks one year of homeownership. One year of adventures, one year of mishaps, and one year of driving our neighbors, our families, and of course, each other, crazy. I took some time the other day to revisit a few of our original blog posts. They were a good reminder of where we started and… Continue reading One year down, a lifetime to go

Our First Month

Another day, another adventure

Another day, another adventure, on this crazy ride home. Its the journey, right? Because you’re never really done, and I’d never want to be. Piece by piece, step by step  A few weeks back, we knocked out the closets in the master bedroom in anticipation of reframing and rebuilding one in each corner. Three for… Continue reading Another day, another adventure

Our First Month

In the thick of it

Its been a couple weeks since I gave a house update. While still in the thick of it with dust flying left and right, things are moving along nicely. We’re finally turning a corner where all the dirty prep work is wrapping up, and we can soon begin cosmetic projects like refinishing the floors and… Continue reading In the thick of it

Our First Month

Little bit of this, little bit of that 

Whoever said “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” was not wrong. The good thing is, this is the week where the dust settles as we wrapped up knocking down walls. So with a few more weeks of work, we’ll be able to start putting everything back together again. Eventually we’ll go through… Continue reading Little bit of this, little bit of that