Our First Month

Little bit of this, little bit of that 

Whoever said “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” was not wrong. The good thing is, this is the week where the dust settles as we wrapped up knocking down walls. So with a few more weeks of work, we’ll be able to start putting everything back together again. Eventually we’ll go through room by room, project by project, from start to finish. But for now, here’s another recap of the odds and ends we worked on this week:

Demo Closets

So this was the last of the major demolition. While the master bedroom technically had “his and hers” closets, they were awkwardly set up, so we decided to take them down (and will eventually rebuild).

Dan admiring his work
Dan admiring his work

Throughout all of these projects, we always come across something neat related to the age of the house. In this case, it was the cool stamp on the back of the plaster.


Front yard clean-up

Amidst everything else going on, we haven’t had the chance to address the front “landscaping” yet. I say “landscaping” loosely, as the flowerbeds were mostly weeds. It made a huge difference just ripping everything out, which Dan’s mom so graciously helped with.

All dug out. Time to plant!
All dug out. Time to plant!

Lighting patchwork

Contrary to what it sounds like so far, we really do know how to clean up as we go. Sort of.  You saw the great work that my cousin did installing our living room recessed lighting. Now it was time to fill in the long strip of ceiling that was cut to wire everything. Dan’s dad helped with this, helping us to learn as we go.
ceiling patch

Sanding and scraping

More sanding and scraping. This time, Dan worked on the garage and back door trim. Of course, he made it look pretty easy, having it smoothed out and repainted in one day.
If only the inside would be that easy. Here I was, still working on the trim upstairs. I told Dan that I’ll scrape everyday until I get cranky. It could be after one hour, or it could be after 10. Only time will tell…

How we spend our Saturday nights...
How we spend our Saturday nights…

I should also add that Dan’s fashion sense never fails him, even in the midst of a major house reno. Check out those socks =P


Dan hard at work, while I just take pictures =)


Until next time…

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