Home Improvement

Refinishing our staircase

And now for a big piece to our puzzle. One that will make the house look much more put together. Finally finishing our stairs and banister. We really were working with a thing of beauty. A set of old stairs (creaks and all) paired with a beautiful banister that wrapped itself all the way upstairs. Looking… Continue reading Refinishing our staircase

DIY Decor

Dressing up the linen closet

Now that we’re settling in, I’m excited to start working on projects that will add a bit more of our personalities to the house. While we painted the walls in the entire house, we left the closets boring old white. That was fine for the bedrooms, as they’ll be covered in clothes anyway. But we… Continue reading Dressing up the linen closet

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Building master bedroom closets

I have to admit, for something built in 1930, this house came with decent storage. Deep closets in the spare bedrooms, and ‘his and hers’ closets in the master. But with the amount of clothes (and shoes) that Dan has, it was more like a ‘his and his’ arrangement. You saw back in this post… Continue reading Building master bedroom closets