DIY Projects

Building a miniature antique trunk

By now you may have noticed that Dan and I have a thing for refinishing old trunks and collecting antiques. Little did I know that it was already ingrained in my DNA. Turns out, my Nana has a knack for trunks as well, refinishing a few of her own and stored amongst her house full… Continue reading Building a miniature antique trunk

DIY Decor

Floating Corner Shelves

While many of the larger renovations in the house are complete, little by little we’ve been working on the detail of each room to make each space feel just a little bit more like home. For this project, we’re giving our dining room a little bit of love. For the most part, the decor in… Continue reading Floating Corner Shelves

DIY Home · Room Renovations

Building Mudroom Storage

Our basement has come a long way since we first bought this old house. From a run down bathroom and spray painted walls, to a refinished space with plenty of room for storage. When we first renovated the basement bathroom, we also bumped out the wall of our basement landing with the idea that we… Continue reading Building Mudroom Storage