DIY Projects

Building a miniature antique trunk

By now you may have noticed that Dan and I have a thing for refinishing old trunks and collecting antiques. Little did I know that it was already ingrained in my DNA. Turns out, my Nana has a knack for trunks as well, refinishing a few of her own and stored amongst her house full… Continue reading Building a miniature antique trunk

DIY Projects · Outdoor Space

Bringing an old bench back to life

One of my favorite things about our backyard is the tree that canopies over the patio, casting shade over an area that’s otherwise filled with sun on a summer afternoon. The only thing missing was a place to sit. Which brings me to our next project. Since we bought the house, I’ve had my eye… Continue reading Bringing an old bench back to life

DIY Projects · Outdoor Space

The garden that keeps on giving

One project that I had been bugging Dan all through winter about was having my very own vegetable garden. I grew up “helping” my Dad in the backyard with ours, so it only made sense that I have a garden at my own house. (And by helping, I mean that I constantly complained about watering, but… Continue reading The garden that keeps on giving