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Furniture Flip: Dresser Edition

A quick furniture flip for you guys. We spotted this dresser on the side of the road one day and of course couldn’t pass it up. Clearly, I have a thing for old furniture, so when we drove by, Dan already knew that he was about to have to pull over. Busy street or not. Let me just say that we’re not above picking up solid wood furniture off the side of the road. In fact, we fully embrace the notion – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – especially when it’s something we know can easily be refinished.


A quick check showed that it was a solid wood dresser that just needed a face lift. And with Dan’s new paint sprayer, we’d have this dresser flipped in no time.

After sanding and smoothing each surface, it was white paint for the dresser, black paint for the hardware. And voila!


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