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DIY side tables

A few projects in a row now have been focused on the office. And with each one, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that the room we’ve been tackling since day one is now turning into Dan’s man cave. With the family symbol, Buffalo skyline, and desk (that currently has a humidor sitting on it), he’s quickly molding this extra space into “his” room.

This next project involved creating two side tables to be used on either side of the office, each next to a wingback chair. Here’s a sketch of how we want the room to flow:


The side tables themselves would be built to the height of a wingback chair’s arm, and would have two storage spaces built in. These storage spaces would be built to perfectly fit decanters and old fashion glasses, because you know, man caves need manly things. =P

The first thing Dan did was cut all the pieces he’d need to make the 12×24 table (12 inch square, 24 inches high). The frame and legs were built using 2×2 pine, and the sides were cut out of 1/2inch plywood. This was all assembled using pocket hole screws and glue.


The shelves within the side table were then put into place using more pocket holes and more wood glue.


The top was built with an overhang around the frame, and then finished with a 1×2 beveled edge to match the same edge he carved on the skyline shelf. The legs were also tapered off at the bottom to add a bit more dimension.


Once the tables were built, Dan then filled the nail holes and pocket holes and sanded them smooth. He then painted them black and finished the tables off with a satin poly (much different than his usual high-gloss approach).

Bottles and a humidor for now. Decanters and old fashion glasses later.

The perfect sized end tables to use in the office, and the perfect size shelving for decanters and old fashion glasses.

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