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Butcher Block Polish Falcon Clock

Its Dyngus Day! And there’s nothing more fitting than a hand-carved Polish falcon clock!

With piles and piles of scrap wood hanging out in the workshop (and all over the garage), it’s always a mystery with what project Dan will come up with next. This one stays true to our heritage, as Dan turned scrap wood into a butcher block Polish falcon clock (now say that five times fast).

He pulled varying pieces of wood, including pine, oak, and plywood, most of which was leftover from the Buffalo skyline he recently built.


To give it the butcher block look, he cut the pieces at different lengths and laid them side by side, fastening them together using glue and clamps. This gave him a 20″ square to work with.


Similar to the Buffalo skyline, he then used a paper template to carve out the falcon.


He’s been putting his band saw to good use as he carves out each knotch of the falcon’s wings. Easier said than done. And he’ll be so much happier on the next project as he finally got his new scroll saw he’s had his eye on for a while now.


With the falcon carved, we added Red Mahogany stain and a few coats of poly to bring it to life. A hint of red for it’s truly Polish nature, plus it matches the look of the rest of the wood found in the garage, where this will proudly hang.

No one ever said staining wasn’t messy


Now to make it a clock, Dan drilled a small hole right at the center, and added the clock mechanics to the back of the falcon (found on Amazon).

All that was left to do now was hang it on the wall of the garage, which Dan did using a french cleat. The falcon gets a prominent place, hanging high on our chalkboard wall just above the bar. Polish and Proud.




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