Home Improvement

Color me happy

Refinishing the floors was the biggest accomplishment of this entire renovation (aside from Dan and I not killing each other). While the floors came out beautiful, it was still hard to picture the entire house coming together, as the bold and ugly paint colors were still on the walls, and three layers of paint were… Continue reading Color me happy

Room Renovations

Bathroom Reno: Part II

I mentioned that when we first looked at the house, it was love at first sight. What I didn’t mention was the reason why so many people thought we were crazy for buying it. And that’s because despite appearances, none of the plumbing seemed to work. A low-risk investment, right? Ha, well, apparently nothing was… Continue reading Bathroom Reno: Part II

Room Renovations

Bathroom Reno: Part I

I have to admit, its my fault that we haven’t been posting as often lately. Mostly because we’re caught up in a million projects that are all 3/4 of the way complete. Others are completed, but I may or may not have forgotten to take “after” pictures before covering up our hard work (aka our floors,… Continue reading Bathroom Reno: Part I

Outdoor Space

A guy walks into a bar…

Some people may call it a sin, what we did. But it was something we just had to do… Our house was graced with an oversized party-room (garage) – 13 foot commercial bar included. A dream for any bachelor, or really just anyone looking to have a good time. Your typical garage door was removed… Continue reading A guy walks into a bar…