Outdoor Space

Upcycling Adirondack Chairs

It’s in the thick of summer, which means I get easily distracted by beautiful weather, awesome concerts, family parties, late night bonfires… you know, all that fun stuff that makes July fly by so quickly each year. And in between all that fun are more and more projects keeping us busy in our spare time. The writing may be a bit slower, but that’s only because it’s hard to find time to catch you guys up on everything we’ve been working on when all I want to do is spend time away from the computer and out on a patio somewhere. Speaking of patio, I got a quick upcycling project for you guys that gives us even more incentive to spend time outside rather than  indoors.

We stumbled across these awesome, wooden adirondack chairs and couldn’t resist the urge to snatch them up. Now, we do have about 8 of the cheap plastic versions of these that we take out for family parties and fires, but these solid wood chairs were just begging to come home with us (how could we say no?). And these chairs really were in good shape, aside from needing a good sanding and new paint job.


And so, that’s exactly what Dan did. After sanding off the old chipping red paint, he decided that he just couldn’t resist putting a new coat of bright red paint back on these chairs (of course, that’s the Polish coming out in him). He used his paint sprayer to do this, and then add on a few coats of poly to make the chairs a bit more weather resistant.

Another quick flip for us, and glad we were able to salvage these chairs. Now we have all the more reason to sit back with a glass of wine in-hand, listening to the crackle of a bonfire. What better patio to enjoy than your own?


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