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Dartboard 2.0

Yes. 2.0 means that this is another project that Dan decided to redo. Last summer, when we finally had everything set up in the bar, Dan bought a dart board and built a frame around it. A black wooden border with a red box background that served a dual purpose – it not only looked cool, but it also prevented people like me from throwing darts into the drywall. So far, it’s worked like a charm.


But that didn’t stop Dan from dreaming up bigger plans for the dart board. And those dreams included reframing the entire board and adding a door that would also serve as storage for the darts. I’m pretty sure that was the design I tried to persuade him to build from the beginning. I guess my ideas just have to grow on him a bit =)

After taking apart what he had for the first dartboard, he was able to reuse the original frame, shrink it down a bit, and use his router to give the top a new look. This gave it a more finished look, and made good use of materials that would otherwise sit in the garage.20161226_115700


Rebuilding the frame was the easy part. What was more challenging was building the door itself. Dan started with 1×2 wood, cutting the sides and then the top, all of which would be used as the border. He then ran the sides of the 1×2 through the table saw to make a grove that would hold a 1/8 piece of plywood.


After adding two 1x4s, about 12 inches long each, to the inside of the door, he then drilled pocket holes in a line across the 1×4, which would then be used to hold the darts.


Dan stuck with the original finish of glossy black paint, and also kept the red fabric background.


And because people didn’t already know we were Polish, the finishing touch was a white falcon decal added to the front of the dart board itself.




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