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Picture frame window

This old house came with all new windows. Except for two in what we’ve deemed the back bedroom. These windows were circa 1930 and original to the house. They were made of solid wood and had that awesome pulley feature for opening and closing the windows. The only problem, one was missing a pane of… Continue reading Picture frame window

Home Improvement

Color me happy

Refinishing the floors was the biggest accomplishment of this entire renovation (aside from Dan and I not killing each other). While the floors came out beautiful, it was still hard to picture the entire house coming together, as the bold and ugly paint colors were still on the walls, and three layers of paint were… Continue reading Color me happy

Room Renovations

Bathroom Reno: Part II

I mentioned that when we first looked at the house, it was love at first sight. What I didn’t mention was the reason why so many people thought we were crazy for buying it. And that’s because despite appearances, none of the plumbing seemed to work. A low-risk investment, right? Ha, well, apparently nothing was… Continue reading Bathroom Reno: Part II

Our story

Falling in love with home

You know when you have one of those a-ha moments? When something clicks and it just all makes sense? For me, those moments of clarity are few and far between. I’m usually the one who wavers back and forth and can’t make a decision to save my life. Whether something small, like searching for the… Continue reading Falling in love with home

Our First Month

Another day, another adventure

Another day, another adventure, on this crazy ride home. Its the journey, right? Because you’re never really done, and I’d never want to be. Piece by piece, step by stepĀ  A few weeks back, we knocked out the closets in the master bedroom in anticipation of reframing and rebuilding one in each corner. Three for… Continue reading Another day, another adventure