Our story

Falling in love with home

You know when you have one of those a-ha moments? When something clicks and it just all makes sense? For me, those moments of clarity are few and far between. I’m usually the one who wavers back and forth and can’t make a decision to save my life. Whether something small, like searching for the perfect dress, or a much more life-altering decision, like which college to choose for grad school, I always somehow wrestle with a million options. And yet, always find myself coming back to option number one.

The moment I walked through the front door of this house, I knew it was ours. The place we had been waiting to call home. All it took was one look. We opened the front door, and I just knew. A single glance at the entryway, hardwood floors, staircase, and fireplace… and my heart was officially stolen. And I’m honestly not even sure I had both feet through the front door yet. I gave Dan a look that he read like a book. He knew he was in trouble, because I was already sold. Mind you, this entire interaction took all of 7 seconds to occur.

And along our almost 7-month journey to actually owning the house, nothing and no one could convince us otherwise. No matter how difficult the sellers made the process, and no matter how many people told us to walk away. (That’s the stubbornness I’ve previously alluded to at it’s absolute finest)

So in the midst of all these renovations, when something doesn’t go right or its been an extremely long day, I remind myself of that moment. That moment that took place exactly one year ago today. That moment that forever changed our life.

And I look forward to so many more.

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