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(Re)Building Outdoor Furniture

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Dan’s need for constant, continuous improvement is admirable. Even if it comes at the expense of projects that were once perceived as his pride and joy.

Remember that impressive furniture set he built for our garage last summer? Those beautiful wooden frames with the comfy cushions that forced me to learn how to sew?

Garage set-up with original furniture

Well, if you guessed that Dan came up with a bigger, better idea, then you guessed right. But in this case, it’s actually a smaller, less bulky version of it’s former self.

Chair concept and framing

The lighter design will make the furniture more mobile in our outdoor space, as we never really know what the day is going to bring. One day, the garage turns into a full-on workshop, and the next, we’re left sweeping up the sawdust because we’re having company over. Because of this, furniture that I can actually pick up will make my life a whole lot easier.

Frame It

Dan used his trademark white oak to frame the two chairs and couch, cutting the wood into squared strips that were assembled into slatted, mission-inspired furniture.

The theme of framing this furniture is that you can never have enough clamps. Better yet, the theme of any carpentry build is the need for an excessive number of clamps. And dowels and wood glue, of course.

First, the chairs…


And now, the couch…


Finish It

This post is just a snapshot of what it took to build this furniture, and doesn’t do justice to the work that Dan put into it. With that said, you’d be missing out if I didn’t share that I also got my hands dirty with this project.

Lots of slats and corners on this project meant that Dan was going to leave the staining to me. We used none other than Dark Walnut stain to bring this furniture to life.

Dan then finished the chairs off with chair webbing that will act as a base for the yet-to-be sewn cushions. Sounds like there’s a winter project added to my list. More to come on this project as I get my butt moving and re-sew some cushions.




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