Our story

A moment in time

Today’s the day. Every single day over the last six months has led up to this moment. And later, our families will share our first meal together in this old house, and we’ll begin the next chapter of our crazy, beautiful life.

To capture this moment, and all of the moments that led up to it, Dan and I wrote a letter to whoever may stumble upon it in the future, and hid it behind a wall in the office. Here’s just snapshot of what that letter says:

“So maybe you just bought this house, hopefully from a cute old couple that’s been living here forever (us). Or maybe you’ve been here a long time and decided that our updates in 2015 are outdated and its time for a change. Or maybe its us, stumbling across this letter so many years later. And if that’s the case, then I hope we’ve had a wonderful life together, filled with love, laughter, and a little bit of crazy. 

Whatever the case, just know that this home is made of every ounce of love, dedication, and hardwork that we have to offer. And that these same qualities are also true of the life that we share together.”

A moment in time
A moment in time

Thank you to those who helped make this happen. And to those who have been with us all along the way. Not just over the last six months, but throughout our lives. This was made possible, only because of you.

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