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Floating Corner Shelves

While many of the larger renovations in the house are complete, little by little we’ve been working on the detail of each room to make each space feel just a little bit more like home. For this project, we’re giving our dining room a little bit of love.

For the most part, the decor in the dining room is complete. Rug under the table, drapes, refinished Victrola in the corner and candles on either side of our 6-panel window.

But the corners of the wall where the dining room leads to the foyer is lacking.

Don’t mind the blue tape. Got a bit of a head start on the shelf placement!

And that’s where Dan’s creativity comes in. Rather than pictures on the wall, we opted for corner shelving that would allow us to swap out our antiques and knick-knacks that fit the current season (or, our current mood). We decided on three shelves for each corner, about 15 inches out, with the middle shelf about chest-height.

The first thing to do was install small support slabs that will act as the base of the shelves.

Dan then cut two pieces of wood for each shelf (12 total). One that would rest on top of the support, and one that would go directly under.


Each shelf was then finished off with a custom trim piece that Dan added grooves to, allowing them to fit perfectly into the front of each shelf.


And now that the shelves were built and primed, that’s where I come in. Paint, paint, and more paint. We finished the shelves off with the same SW Cashmere paint that we did the rest of the trim in the house, allowing everything to blend in together. And just like that, we had new shelves to display our antiques and fun little knick-knacks.

Now to decide what to put there…

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