Home Improvement

Refinishing Interior Doors

All summer long we’ve had a lot of fun working on outdoor projects, building furniture, and updating our rec space in the garage. But that hasn’t stopped us from all the home improvement projects we also have going on indoors. While the major updates like bathroom remodels, refinishing floors, and painting walls and trim were… Continue reading Refinishing Interior Doors

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Refinishing Window Pane Doors

I’ve written on and on about the .2 seconds it took me to walk in the house and fall in love. And how a big part of that was the original stairs, banister, woodwork and fireplace that it took just one glance to see. But another big part of it was the original window pane… Continue reading Refinishing Window Pane Doors

Home Improvement

Refinishing basement stairs

Our back hallway has already experienced a major turnaround. The bright blue walls and broken mirrors were quickly swapped out for freshly painted trim and a “welcome home” sign. But in order to complete the back hall, the basement stairs that lead to our (future) mudroom and guest bath were in need of refinishing. The… Continue reading Refinishing basement stairs