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Refinishing basement stairs

Our back hallway has already experienced a major turnaround. The bright blue walls and broken mirrors were quickly swapped out for freshly painted trim and a “welcome home” sign. But in order to complete the back hall, the basement stairs that lead to our (future) mudroom and guest bath were in need of refinishing. The… Continue reading Refinishing basement stairs

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Building master bedroom closets

I have to admit, for something built in 1930, this house came with decent storage. Deep closets in the spare bedrooms, and ‘his and hers’ closets in the master. But with the amount of clothes (and shoes) that Dan has, it was more like a ‘his and his’ arrangement. You saw back in this post… Continue reading Building master bedroom closets

Home Improvement

Color me happy

Refinishing the floors was the biggest accomplishment of this entire renovation (aside from Dan and I not killing each other). While the floors came out beautiful, it was still hard to picture the entire house coming together, as the bold and ugly paint colors were still on the walls, and three layers of paint were… Continue reading Color me happy

Home Improvement

Refinishing our Floors

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this write-up. Floors. Our beautiful hardwood floors. The very thing I fell in love with when first stepping into the house. Two stories of nothing but natural oak. And beautiful accent borders throughout the first floor. From the beginning, we wanted to stain them darker. What… Continue reading Refinishing our Floors