Our First Month

Week One

Week one was a bit of a blur, and by the end of it, it felt like so much more time had already passed. Emotions were running high – from nervous to excited, and everything in between. But mostly disbelief that we finally own this house.

Some highlights:

The office next to our living room was divided into two smaller rooms by a make-shift wall. No, it wasn’t load-bearing (as many people have asked), it was simply a hollow wall dividing the space. That was easy enough to get started on, and so the construction began…
One day is all it took to learn that one small project can quickly escalate into something bigger. The office with the wall-divide that we opened up on day one turned into a total gut job. This started when Dan took the ugly paneling off the wall, revealing more layers of paneling, sheet rock, and plaster that quickly piled up. But not as quickly as the three layers of drop-ceiling, intermixed with plaster above our heads, which amounted to a ton of garbage (and by “a ton” I mean that in the literal sense).
Note Dan's
Note Dan’s “What did we get ourselves into?” look
Another project we jumped into was lighting, which came together a lot more quickly than we thought. Dan didn’t think he was quite ready for lights – he wanted more time to figure out exact placement for them. But with a little nudge from my cousin, an electrician, the lights were started in the morning and by dinner time, our living room was glowing… literally. I was so impressed at what he did and how the lights turned out in there, especially in such a short period of time.
Halfway through and a snapshot of the finished product
Halfway through and a snapshot of the finished product
A little bit of yard work goes a long way…
With our house came an abundance of overgrown flower beds and bushes. And little by little we’re going to work to bring everything back to life. The first thing we did was take down an old wooden swing set that was falling apart. Dan opted for an ax rather than the chain saw. I think it made him feel more manly.
Front entry 
Our front entry door is solid wood and original to the house. But its been neglected through the years and just covered in layers and layers of paint. All it took was lot of paint stripper and a little sanding, and the door was back to its original glory. We’ll eventually stain it darker to match the rest of the woodwork, but for now, we’ll embrace its natural look.
We also got started on the front entry. The mailbox had a funky, space-themed mural on it, which we quickly covered with a few layers of red spray-paint. Yes, red. Dan has a thing for red mailboxes.
20150607_174608 (1)
 Another highlight of the week was family and friends stopping in to say hi. We have so much love and support around us, its unbelievable. And the door is always open for those who have yet to see it.
Week one in the books. Already having so much fun and getting a lot done, with a lot still left to do. Stay tuned =)

4 thoughts on “Week One

  1. Looks great! I can’t wait to see it in person though I don’t know when that will be. Plan to purchase a house in a year or two close to you. May need your help. Hugs!


      1. It looks even better up close!! You two have been working SO hard, and it’s all looking fantastic!! A very warm and inviting house which will only become more so, as you work your way through…. Love you two!


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